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Witnesses Describe 'Dead Bodies Just Laying There' After NYC Attack

The New York City Police Department responded to a terror attack in Lower Manhattan Tuesday, which left eight people dead and at least 11 injured.

According to initial reports, a truck drove onto a bike path next to the Hudson River and began ramming pedestrians and cyclists. A man then got out of the vehicle screaming and brandishing what appeared to be two guns.

Police tweeted that one person has been taken into custody and "no others outstanding."

Fox News' David Lee Miller spoke to a college student who witnessed a man with what appeared to be a gun in each hand running in the middle of the street.

He heard five or six gunshots and dropped to the ground. When he looked up, he saw the man lying in the street, and he assumed that he had been shot by police.

He said he never saw the man fire either of his weapons.

The NYPD tweeted that the suspect had "imitation firearms."

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