President Trump: 'Another Attack by a Very Sick and Deranged Person'

Witnesses Describe 'Dead Bodies Just Laying There' After NYC Attack

Mark Levin joined Sean Hannity tonight to react to the terror attack in New York City and new revelations about the suspect, 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov.

Levin pointed out that Saipov, who is from Uzbekistan, reportedly came to the U.S. in 2010 when he was 22 years old under the "Diversity Immigrant Visa Program."

Levin explained that the program makes available 50,000 permanent resident visas annually and aims to diversify the immigrant population in the U.S.

"It's a lottery system. That's no way to run an immigration system," Levin said. "The purpose of immigration is to improve the United States, is to benefit the United States, not to ensure diversity."

He said President Donald Trump is right to call for extreme vetting of immigrants from countries that are known hotbeds of radical Islamic ideology.

"Donald Trump is following the Constitution, following the statute, trying to protect America," Levin said. "What the president is saying is, 'You can't bring people in from these countries until we figure out what's going on.'"

He warned that the federal judges who have tried to block Trump's executive orders on immigration are endangering American citizens. He noted that one judge even spoke about due process rights for immigrants before they enter the U.S.

"This is progressivism gone nuts. And it's going to kill a lot more people. And you would have thought after 9/11 that people would take this issue of immigration seriously."

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