President Trump: 'Another Attack by a Very Sick and Deranged Person'

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Laura Ingraham said Americans are not going to accept radical Islamist terrorist attacks like what occurred in New York City on Tuesday as the "new normal."

"When a jihadist games our immigration system, gets a green card, rents a truck, and in the name of Allah mows down innocents in a major American city, that is not nor will it ever be acceptable in the U.S.," Ingraham said on "The Ingraham Angle" tonight.

She said Americans demand that their elected officials take action to keep the U.S. safe, as President Donald Trump did when he signed executive orders on immigration and called for "extreme vetting."

"For that, he was branded as cruel and heartless. You know what's cruel and heartless? Bikers and pedestrians run over in broad daylight in a major American city. That's cruel and heartless," Ingraham said.

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She said Trump's instincts about national security are correct: protect the borders, deport lawbreakers, build a wall and halt refugees from certain countries given the severity of the threat.

"President Trump was elected in large part because voters appreciated his no-nonsense pragmatism on issues like homeland security and immigration," Ingraham said. "Although we can't stop all terror attack in the United States, the safety of the American people demand that we do what we can to prevent those attacks that are preventable."

"Here at home, we should not lose one more American life because politicians don't have the nerve or the will to do what's necessary to secure the homeland. Our safety is their primary responsibility."

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