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Virginia's Republican gubernatorial candidate said it's "a sad day for Virginia" after his opponents ran a political ad that seeks to tie him and his supporters to white supremacists. 

"This attack is not just an attack on my supporters who are good, decent, hardworking Virginians who love their neighbors, it’s an attack on all Virginians," Ed Gillespie told "Fox & Friends."

The Latino Victory Fund produced a video called “American Nightmare” that showed minority children fleeing in terror from a black pickup truck driven by a white male and sporting a Confederate flag, a conservative license plate, and an "Ed Gillespie" bumper sticker.

“Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the American Dream?” a voice asks at the end of the brief video.

Gillespie said the race-baiting attack ad is a "new low in politics" in the state, where he said the people "respect civil discourse."

Some Democrats in the Virginia House of Delagates have condemned the ad. 

Gillespie's opponent, Democratic lieutenant governor Ralph Northam, has expressed his support for the ad, however. Northam denounced Gillespie for failing to call out Trump “for not calling these white supremacists out for who they are.”

Gillespie said Virginians want to have a discussion about issues and policies, but all his opponents want to do is "smear people."

"Instead of debating the issues they demonize, they vilify, they marginalize anyone who disagrees with them."

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