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Sean Hannity said in his opening monologue tonight that we are facing a major crisis in the United States.

"Does America have equal justice under the law? It appears tonight the answer is no," Hannity said. "Because from everything we now know, there's one justice system for the Clintons, the left, liberals and all their cronies, and another one for everyone else in America."

He explained that major crimes committed by Bill and Hillary Clinton have gone unpunished, while President Donald Trump has been under unfair scrutiny for unproven allegations about his campaign colluding with Russia.

Hannity said that the indictment of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has absolutely nothing to do with the Trump campaign or Trump himself.

"Is this all [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller has? Because if it is, it's pathetic," Hannity said. "Another day, another example after a year of speculation, no evidence of any collusion between President Trump and Russia."

He argued that the Clintons and their involvement in the controversial 2010 Uranium One deal, on the other hand, are largely being ignored, despite actual hard evidence.

Obama-Era Russian Uranium One Deal: What to Know

He added the same goes for the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee funding the now-infamous Trump dossier.

Hannity said that if any everyday American citizen did what the Clintons did, they would be "rotting in a jail cell."

"Will we have equal justice under the law? Or will America just be a banana republic, corrupt at its core? That is what is at stake tonight," Hannity said. "America has a choice: We can have equal justice for everyone, or we can live in a country where if you have the right politics, you stand for the right left-wing positions, you can sell out your country and you can get away with it."

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