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A former National Football League player is spearheading a campaign aimed at toning down the fight over the NFL's national anthem protests.

David Vobora, who works helping military veterans, put together a video of veterans and athletes expressing why they honor the flag.

The "Dear Flag" film features soldiers and players admitting they felt angry about the protests, which gained steam earlier this fall. However, they hope to reach peace and build bridges with those who disagree.

"I used what bothered me about the conversation," Vobora told "Fox & Friends" on Saturday, explaining that he comes from a military family. "At first the visceral reaction is ... like someone cutting you off on the freeway. ... Do you let it ruin your day?"

The former St. Louis Rams player continued that we should recognize that those who disagree with us are human as well.

"For me, look, I will stand, and I will put my hand over my heart. I will pay tribute."

"You don't build a bridge to meet in the middle. You build a bridge to go to the other person's side, to check it out. You may not like it ... but then you go back to your side and you have ... a little bit of perspective," he said.

"Through that maybe we can be humane to humanity."

He said he hopes the "Dear Flag" campaign will take off and youth will write their own letters about what the flag means to them.

Vobora works for the Adaptive Training Foundation, which helps veterans recuperate mentally and physically while giving them a sense of community.

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