'Get A Lawyer, Buddy!': Former Trump Counsel Fires Back After Dem Accuses Him of Being 'Russian Stooge'

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Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz reacted to news that the conservative publication The Washington Free Beacon paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS for information on several Republican candidates during the election.

Those candidates included President Donald Trump.

Kurtz called the news an "extraordinary development," adding that media outlets are supposed to do their own reportage and not act like "political operatives" seeking opposition research.

He said he respects Free Beacon chief Matthew Continetti, but said his organization should not have gotten involved with Fusion GPS.

Continetti's outlet said they did not seek information from Russian sources or former MI6 agent Christopher Steele in their work with the firm.

"This is pretty 'fake' in that it is not journalism," Kurtz said of the new revelations. "Obviously some organizations were more interested in damaging certain candidates than trying to aggressively report on them."

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