'Extraordinary Development': Kurtz Reacts to Right-Wing News Site Paying Dossier Firm For Oppo Research

'Get A Lawyer, Buddy!': Former Trump Adviser Fires Back After Dem Accuses Him of Being 'Russian Stooge'

Tucker Carlson said Democrats are seeing their "avalanche of propaganda" continuing, saying they flipped the script on the Trump Dossier.

"Suddenly you hear the exact same phrase from every media-savvy hack and congressman," Tucker said. "Opposition research."

Carlson said that, until news broke that Clinton campaign actors, including the Podesta Group and DNC, were involved in funding the Russia-linked dossier, the left called it "evidence of treason."

After ties to the party apparatus were uncovered, Carlson said, that "treason" soon became "opposition research" on a Republican opponent.

"Now that Hillary paid for it, the story changed," he said, calling the dossier the Democrats' "linchpin in their remarkable efforts to overturn last years election results."

Carlson said two New York Times reporters recently accused Democratic officials of lying to them for over a year on the matter.

Carlson also cited new reports from journalist Byron York that the right-leaning Washington Free Beacon funded initial opposition research on Trump through the dossier's firm, Fusion GPS.

He said the site is funded by Republican donor and hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, who supported Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and actively worked to refuse Trump the nomination.

Carlson added that the organization was partially founded by longtime Republican columnist William Kristol, who he billed as a "Twitter celebrity" for his frequent online criticisms of the president.

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