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Former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo fired back after a former DNC official accused him on-air of being a "Russian stooge" and "working for Vladimir Putin."

Martha MacCallum was reporting on new revelations that right-wing news outlet The Washington Free Beacon retained opposition research firm "Fusion GPS" to conduct probes into several GOP candidates, including President Trump.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner said the Free Beacon told him their retainer on the group involved nothing pertaining to Russian sources or former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, who the group reportedly used when hired by Democratic interests.

The Free Beacon told York they hired the firm for "legitimate" research in the normal course of reporting on presidential candidates and had no knowledge of the Russian sources that were allegedly used later.

In discussing Fusion GPS, who compiled the "Trump Dossier" and the news about the Free Beacon, Caputo said he was told he was unfairly "unmasked" as part of the probe into the dossier.

He called the dossier a "caricature of intel," adding that as many as 1,000 Trump "associates" were unmasked in the investigation. He said the dossier was an anti-Trump "cartoon" driven by the left.

Former DNC staffer Zac Petkanas told Caputo that if he was getting "unmasked," he "shouldn't be having such weird conversations with potential foreigners and other unsavory characters."

"Maybe you shouldn't be breaking the laws," Caputo shot back.

Petkanas responded by claiming Caputo "worked for Vladimir Putin," apparently referring to reports that Caputo worked for the Russian "Gazprom" media holdings in 2000.

"You are a Russian stooge who used to work for Vladimir Putin," Petkanas said, adding that Caputo "lied through his teeth" when he denied the allegation.

"I served in the American military," Caputo responded, adding that Petkanas was making perceptibly absurd claims on "national television."

"You better get a lawyer, buddy," Caputo told Petkanas.

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