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Jesse Watters read text messages from his mom, seriously cracking up his co-hosts on "The Five."

As many viewers may know, Jesse's mom is a liberal Democrat and she often takes issue with some of the things her son says on the top-rated show. 

Then she sends him her critiques and recently he's begun reading them on the air. 

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Among the latest suggestions...

- Pronounce your "ings" - the word is putting, not puttin'.

- You actually believe Trump is not divisive! You've been swallowed by semantic quicksand!!

- She admonished his harsh criticism of a member of Congress: "Humility helps, character counts. Think about that, Jesse."

And for the real kicker... 

Dana Perino said it's becoming clear that Jesse's mom needs to come on the show. 

"Let's not carried away," Watters responded. 

Sorry Jesse, we're with Dana on that one. 

Watch the hilarity above and don't miss "The Five," weekdays at 5pm ET and "Watters' World" on Saturdays at 8pm ET on Fox News Channel. 

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