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On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Sebastian Gorka said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other establishment Republicans should take Steve Bannon's "war" on incumbent GOP lawmakers seriously.

“The big picture is that the spirit of November the 8th is continuing, and it’s going to continue into 2018," Gorka said. "And the establishment GOP has had its cage rattled by Steve, by myself and by the people who believe in the president’s agenda.”

He said Washington, D.C., truly is a corrupt swamp, and it's time to elect lawmakers who are willing to break from the status quo.

Gorka said that's why he, Bannon and others supported Judge Roy Moore in Alabama's special election, as opposed to McConnell's choice, Luther Strange, and it's why Moore easily won.

Brian Kilmeade pointed out that McConnell has made it clear he's not afraid of Bannon targeting Republican incumbents in 2018.

On "Fox News Sunday," McConnell called Bannon and his allies "specialists at nominating people who lose."

"And that's what this inter-party skirmish is about. Our goal is to nominate people in the primaries next year who can actually win, and the people who win will be the ones who enact the president's agenda," McConnell said.

"Mitch McConnell, if you're doubling down, you have no idea who Steve Bannon is," Gorka said. "He is the most strategic mind in D.C., and you better watch out, Mitch."

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