Turley on Russia: 'Allegations Against Clintons Could Potentially Be Criminal'

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Sean Hannity was joined last night by Gregg Jarrett to discuss what laws were potentially broken regarding the Uranium One deal and the now-infamous Trump dossier.

Jarrett said that it appears that in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to her foundation and cash to her husband, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the controversial 2010 uranium deal, which gave Russia control of one-fifth of America's uranium supply.

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He said it's a crime to use a public office to confer a benefit to a foreign government in exchange for money, which is often referred to as “pay-to-play.” He said it can be prosecuted under a variety of anti-corruption laws passed by Congress, including the federal bribery statute (18 USC 201-b), the federal gratuity statute (18 USC 201-c), the mail fraud statute (18 USC 1341), the wire fraud statute (18 USC 1343), the program bribery statute (18 USC 666) and the Travel Act (18 USC 1952).

As for the dossier, Jarrett said it's a violation of federal law to pay foreign nationals to impact a U.S. political campaign (52 USC 30121), and it's also a violation to file a false or misleading campaign report (52 USC 30101). He said it appears the Clinton campaign did just that by financing the dossier through a series of middle men.

"I've been hearing Democrats say, 'Oh, those are just civil penalties.' They are not," Jarrett said. "The government produces a book - it's 319 pages - outlining the federal election laws and all those who have been criminally prosecuted and ended up in prison."

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Hannity asked how the Clintons seem to always get away with this kind of "corruption" and if they have finally been caught this time.

"The Clintons are escape artists that would make Houdini proud," Jarrett said. "Whenever they are caught dangling their feet over the edge of illegality, they usually dummy up."

He pointed out that when Hillary Clinton spoke with FBI investigators about her private email server last year, she said "I cannot recall" something no fewer than 39 times.

"She pretends like she's dumber than a bucket of hair when it serves her purpose and the brightest person in the room when it helps her," Jarrett said.

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