Former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon tweeted a picture of neo-Nazis in a swipe at Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie. 

"Live look at Ed Gillespie campaign strategy meeting," Fallon tweeted, along with a widely-shared photo of marchers with Tiki torches in Charlottesville, Va.

The swipe comes only a few days after the Virginia Democratic Party sent a mailer to the Commonwealth's voters superimposing Gillespie and President Trump over a similar image of white supremacists in Charlottesville.

That flyer was sent on behalf of gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam and incumbent Commonwealth Attorney General Mark Herring (D-Va.).

The RNC said both attacks are a sign of Democrats' "desperation" ahead of the Nov. 7 election.

A spokesman for Northam said Gillespie has remained silent on what he considered an insufficient response by Trump to the August violence in Thomas Jefferson's hometown.

Conservatives immediately blasted Fallon's comparison... 

After the August violence, Gillespie ripped the extremists as "a torch-carrying, shield-bearing white supremacist and neo-Nazi mob," according to the Roanoke Times.

The most recent Fox News Poll shows Northam leading by several points, while the latest Hampton poll shows Gillespie just ahead of the Eastern Shore physician.

Incumbent Gov. Terence McAuliffe (D-Va.) is term-limited in the one-term office.