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California Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) joined Tucker Carlson for a debate, but instead challenged the host on the Trump tax plan when asked about new revelations about Hillary Clinton, the DNC and alleged Russia collusion.

"You only have me on to talk about nonsense," Sherman claimed, adding that the Trump tax bill will be markedly damaging to the middle class.

Carlson pressed again on the new reports that the Clinton camp and DNC paid for the Trump Dossier, which in turn sourced information from Russians.

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"You've got no defense for a Trump impeachment," Sherman said, adding that Carlson shouldn't debate "impeaching a private citizen."

Sherman said examining the Clinton campaign after she lost is like the folks investigating President Richard Nixon for Watergate turning their attention to defeated opponent Sen. George McGovern (D-S.D.).

Carlson asked if Sherman had ever been lobbied by the Podesta Group, whose name has come up in the Russia reports.

Sherman said he had, but that questions like that were "irrelevant" to whether Trump should be impeached.

He said his articles of impeachment against Trump focused not on Russia, but on obstruction of justice, noting three incidents including the firing of former FBI Director Jim Comey.

"You're not even going to engage on that question?" Carlson asked.

"You went bananas over a Donald Trump Jr. meeting. The charges against Trump apply to your party... and your candidate," he said.

Carlson said he would love to discuss tax reform with Sherman when an actual bill makes its way through Congress and noted the two may even agree on some things.

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