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MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace made waves this week for harsh criticism of the Trump administration, saying they "do not appear to be human beings.”

"There’s no capacity for humanity, these do not appear to be human beings," Wallace said on her show.

She pointed to the administration "trotting out" White House Chief of Staff John Kelly as a "human shield" in the controversy over President Donald Trump's call to a Gold Star widow.

Howard Kurtz responded on "Happening Now" today, saying some commentators "are way over-the-top and really just brutally personal in the way they describe this president."

He said Trump has a point when he claims he is treated unfairly by the media, but he said he has less of an argument when he claims that the press makes him appear more "uncivil" than he really is.

Kurtz pointed out that Trump publicly mocks his opponents, from "Liddle" Bob Corker to "Crooked" Hillary Clinton to "Psycho" Joe Scarborough.

"The way he uses his Twitter account, he can't put that all at the feet of the fourth estate," Kurtz said.

Despite that, he said, there's no doubt that Trump is taking an "unprecedented barrage" from the mainstream media and his critics.

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