'It's a Disgrace': Trump Rips Clinton, DNC-Russia Collusion Reports

Watters on Russia: 'When Clintons Do It, It's Oppo Research, When Trump Doesn't, It's Collusion'

Tucker Carlson said the "law of unintended consequences remains in force in Washington tonight" when it comes to accusations of Russian collusion against President Trump.

Carlson said that, after months of the drumbeat from the left of Russian collusion allegations against Trump, it turns out the collusion likely exists but on the opposing side.

He said The Podesta Group, the most powerful left-wing lobbying firm in the District of Columbia, was "at the very center" of Russian collusion efforts.

"Democrats have been lying about that explicitly for more than a year," Carlson said of members of their party taking money from the Kremlin for political means.

He said former Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon all but admitted the Clinton camp knew about the interactions between the Podesta brothers, an opposition research firm called Fusion GPS, a former MI6 agent and Russia.

Carlson added that it is troubling the FBI appears to be "ignoring subpoenas" and thereby acting in a political fashion in regards to the case.

He said the FBI paid for some of former MI6 agent Christopher Steele's dossier work and also outsourced the examination of DNC servers during the alleged Russia hacking incident.

"By working so closely with a group conducting partisan research... didn't the FBI compromise its political independence?" he asked.

Carlson said that, while Clinton and the Democrats - with the help of the press - spread reports and allegations against Trump, the unintended consequence may be that they themselves must answer to similar allegations.

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