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In an exclusive interview with Fox Business Network, President Trump criticized the Democrats over new reports that Democratic actors and Russian interests were working against him.

Trump told Lou Dobbs that, until recently, Hillary Clinton "totally denied" any Democratic involvement in the debunked Trump Dossier, created by former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele.

"She [said she] knew nothing," Trump said. "What I was amazed at was it was almost $6 million [the DNC] paid, and it's totally discredited," he said of the dossier.

"It's a disgrace," he said. "There was no collusion on my side [but] I had no idea how right I was."

Trump said the allegations of collusion presented against him were "an excuse for losing the election put out by the Democrats."

"When you see all of the things about Podesta and all of the relationships they had with Russia - they say 'no, there's no collusion'."

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