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Greg Gutfeld reacted to Sen. Jeff Flake's (R-Ariz.) retirement and his lengthy floor speech critical of President Trump.

"After Jeff Flake's anti-Trump speech, the press responded just as you'd expect - as impeachment sheep," Gutfeld said.

Several media anchors asked Flake the same question, whether the Snowflake, Ariz. native's rhetoric means he wants Trump impeached.

However, Flake softened his response after each question, saying that "I don't think those remedies are justified."

"Why start what you can't finish?" Gutfeld said. "Maybe because it was baloney to begin with."

"Imagine if Hillary were in office: Would a Republican senator say 'she's harming our country, therefore I'm retiring'?" he said.

Gutfeld said Flake's decision was more about his perceptibly difficult primary next year than his "feud" with Trump.

"Like a poodle, he took his moment to get his back scratched by the Dems," Gutfeld said. "This stand isn't brave, its petulance."

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