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The cover of the latest edition of The New Yorker depicts President Donald Trump as a "dangerous clown," according to the artist behind the image.

The cover, called "October Surprise," shows Trump dressed as a clown with a sinister grin emerging the woods. It will run the day before Halloween, but The New Yorker and artist Carter Goodrich unveiled it on Twitter on Monday.

In the tweet, Goodrich said it was difficult to effectively parody the president because "he's already a walking, talking cartoon of himself."

He told The New Yorker Trump is a "cartoon villain, infantile and strange," calling his presidency a "national nightmare."

“I’m still just as stunned now as I was a year ago, on Election Night," Goodrich said. "I have been asked to work on movies about him. I can’t do it; most satire seems to lighten what feels to me like a dire situation.”

Some Twitter users have compared Goodrich's portrayal of Trump to Pennywise, the evil clown antagonist in "It," even referring to Trump as "Donnywise."

This is far from the first time The New Yorker has gone after Trump. In August, following Trump's controversial statements about a deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesvilla, Virginia, the magazine depicted him on a boat with a sail resembling the hood of a Klu Klux Klan member.

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