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Hillary Clinton slammed new reports of her ties to Russia's nuclear energy deals with the U.S., claiming corruption allegations have been "debunked repeatedly."

"It’s the same baloney they’ve been peddling for years, and there’s been no credible evidence by anyone," the former secretary of state said on C-SPAN Monday.

The Hill reported last week that Russian nuclear officials routed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation during Clinton's tenure at state department. Meanwhile, the Obama administration approved a uranium deal with Russia that gave it control over more than 20 percent of America's uranium supply, despite the FBI's previous findings that Russia had been corrupt in nuclear deals with the U.S.

The real story is how nervous the president's supporters are about the investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to the Russian government, the former Democratic presidential candidate added.

"The closer the investigation about real Russian ties between Trump associates and real Russians ... the more they want to just throw mud on the wall, and I'm their favorite target, me and President Obama," Clinton said. "We are the ones they like to put in the crosshairs."

On "America's Newsroom," Rich Lowry of National Review said it's "astonishing" that Robert Mueller is now investigating major Democrat "player" Tony Podesta. Podesta's brother, John, was Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign chairman.  

He added that the Obama administration made "astonishing" decisions about Russia and the U.S. nuclear industry and are "even worse when you know the FBI was for years investigating Mafia-like tactics" by Russian interests.

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