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Greg Gutfeld said that, while he likes Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz) as a legislator, some of his remarks he made about President Trump reminded him of the political strategies of the left.

Gutfeld said that Flake is likely a good person but that he irritated him by invoking "our children and grandchildren" when talking about opposing Trump's tone and governing style.

"That's straight out of the climate change [talk] from the left," he said.

"Basically what [Flake] is saying is 'if you don't do what [I'm] doing, you're complicit - you're guilty if you support Trump," Gutfeld said.

"I hate the 'what about the children' thing... [like] we're bad people because we're not agreeing with him... and I like him," Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld estimated that Flake's decision to retire was predetermined before his remarks.

He pointed out how Flake talked about Trump being a threat to how American democracy operates.

"If he believes that there is a serious threat to the democracy, then it is his obligation to stay and fight, and not cut and run," he added.

Gutfeld credited Flake with being one of the more libertarian-minded legislators in Congress.

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