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Students who said they were disappointed with President Trump's tax plan changed their tune on the actual details after being told they were ideas from Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Cabot Phillips, media director at Campus Reform, joined "Fox & Friends" after interviewing the students at George Washington University. 

The students were all for small business tax cuts when told it was a policy being pushed by the former Democrat presidential candidate. One female student even mentioned her family's small business as a likely beneficiary. 

"When they think the tax cuts are coming from a liberal candidate they're suddenly compassionate, they're wonderful, they're beautiful, they're common sense," Phillips noted.

President Trump's son, Don Jr., picked up on the story, tweeting the clip out to his 2 million followers on Sunday:

After being told the ideas were actually proposed by the Trump administration, some of the college kids admitted they would not have expected to agree with the president on anything.

"You got me. I'm happily surprised," said a female student, who just moments before had called Trump's tax plan "not beneficial to the general populace."

Phillips said these interviews show how students are indoctrinated by the media and their professors and when they learn about conservative principles, they are not necessarily opposed.

Watch the interview above.

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