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Former White House official Steve Bannon declared "war" on the GOP establishment earlier this month, pitting him against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Republicans hope to keep their slim Senate majority in the 2018 congressional elections, but Bannon has vowed to promote non-establishment candidates whom he trusts more to support President Trump's "America first" agenda.

"Steve Bannon is a visionary in many ways," Rachel Campos-Duffy said. "I think he's helped bolster this 'America first' agenda, but I really question what he's doing here."

Campos Duffy explained that Republicans should be focused on beating Democrats. McConnell has been fighting hard to accomplish the agenda, she opined.

"It's not his fault that there's a few squishy senators in there," she said.

"He's the leader of the Senate, and so he has some responsibility," Lawrence Jones argued.

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