Bolton Warns 'Time Is Running Out' on North Korea Nuclear Threat

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Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton recently argued that if the U.S. allows North Korea to acquire and retain nuclear weapons, Kim Jong Un's regime would "have America by the throat."

He warned that North Korea is getting perilously close to being able to hit targets across the continental U.S. with nuclear warheads, perhaps even thermonuclear ones.

On "Outnumbered Overtime," he said that's why it is important for President Donald Trump make it clear to both North Korea and China that the U.S. is willing to take preemptive military action to protect America's interests.

"Hopefully there's still a peaceful way to get these weapons away from North Korea, but time is running out. That's the hard reality," Bolton said.

He said military intervention is obviously the last resort, but pointed out that Trump made it clear in his address to the United Nations last month that a nuclear North Korea will not be tolerated.

"That is a rejection of the point of view held by Susan Rice - Barack Obama's national security adviser - and many others who shared their views that we could live with a nuclear North Korea," Bolton said.

He said the Obama administration refused to confront the dangers of North Korea and Iran, and it's helped put the U.S. - and the world - in the precarious position it's in now.

"I do not accept this failure, and I do not accept that the United States should be held hostage by this strange regime in North Korea, or by the mullahs in Iran, while we're on the subject," Bolton said. 

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