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Ivanka Trump discussed tax reform with Sean Hannity after the first daughter finished a town hall event near Warminster, Pa.

Hannity noted how Trump and her father focused on the "forgotten man and woman" in their campaign, and how that must translate to their administration.

"I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to serve our country," Trump said. "Nothing about my life was designed to pick-up and move to Washington."

She said the administration's tax plan would fulfill a promise to the many Americans she and her father met over the past two years.

Trump said her mission is to give taxpayers "the opportunity to remove barriers so more people can experience some of the privileges that my family... were lucky to have."

She said that the plan will focus on three promises her family made: tax reform, deregulation and fueling entrepreneurship.

The simplification of our tax code "democratizes it," she said. "We've got to level the playing field."

Turning to international matters, Trump said the president's plan will make America more competitive by dropping corporate taxes that keep domestic money parked overseas.

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