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Actor John O'Hurley, best known for playing wacky fashion designer J. Peterman on "Seinfeld," talked about today's toxic political culture and why the show would not work in these times. 

"I'm the first one to say that 'Seinfeld' can't work today because the cell phone would have killed it," he remarked on "Watters World."

"It was about people engaging and thoughtfully engaging in minutia ... There were no cell phones in 'Seinfeld' ... It was about the loneliness and the desperation and needing to vent."

The Trump supporter also lamented the state of political discussion in America.

He said he wishes Hollywood would understand that they do not have to "walk like lemmings to the sea and follow each other off the cliff."

"I can't have my point of view respected by anybody else without them going into a spasm of disgust that I happen to have supported Trump," O'Hurley revealed.

"I think we're a kinder and more gentler society than that."

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