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Geraldo Rivera said it is "about time" the FBI releases all information it has on President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

President Trump announced Saturday he will authorize the release of the remaining classified documents.

"I applaud the president. About time," Rivera said. "I don't know why these files are still classified."

"It is well past time to release everything we have on that ... For every generation it's a mystery that renews itself."

Rivera was the first to air the Abraham Zapruder film of Kennedy's murder on his ABC show "Good Night America" in 1975, which shows the president's head jerking back, fueling speculation that the shot came from in front of the motorcade.

However, Rivera says he is not convinced by conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination.

We don't want to believe the slaying of our president could be the act of "a banal, selfish, egotistical, narcissistic punk," he remarked.

"You want more. You want it to be a conspiracy," Rivera explained. "You want a perpetrator who is of equal stature to the monumental nature of the crime."

The Fox News contributor noted common themes in the lives of Kennedy's assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and the Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock.

"I think ultimately as in the case in Vegas it will be what we were told it is, a lone, evil, satanic assassin."

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