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Coulter: Media 'Strangely Reluctant' to Pursue Details on Las Vegas Gunman

We're still waiting for answers to basic questions about the Las Vegas massacre, Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show. 

Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security guard who was wounded in the hallway outside the gunman's room, sat down this week for an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, eschewing any other media appearances. 

But DeGeneres failed to press him on the timeline surrounding the attack, which has changed multiple times since the October 1 shooting. 

According to the Daily Mail, the choice of the lighthearted daytime show was no coincidence. The report claims MGM, which owns Mandalay Bay, insisted that Campos only be interviewed by DeGeneres, fearing he would "spill the beans" under tough questioning. 

Carlson pointed out that MGM and DeGeneres have a marketing deal, with DeGeneres promoting on her show the casinos' Ellen-themed slot machines. 

He said "cover-up" may be too strong a term to use, but that MGM appears to be "spinning" the facts out of concern for its legal position. 

Chris Spargo of The Daily Mail said Campos' disappearance after canceling other TV interviews, was "all MGM" and that the company was concerned about the official timeline. 

Carlson asked why Campos is being called a "hero," since the facts surrounding his actions are still not clear.

Spargo agreed, explaining there have been three different timelines given on when Campos arrived on the scene and was shot. 

The second timeline, Spargo noted, placed Campos at the scene six minutes before the gunman opened fire on a country music festival.

He said that timeline led to immediate questions about how quickly the hotel notified police. 

Carlson said the federal investigation must nail down the real timeline and give answers to the public. 

"So there's a huge crime, biggest shooting in modern American history. Let's let a casino company tell us what happened," Carlson said in disbelief. 

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