Fitton: 'Deep State' Doesn't Want to Release Damaging Records on Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting

Judicial Watch: We Need Criminal Investigation of Pay-to-Play at Clinton Foundation

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said former Attorney General Loretta Lynch must be asked about her potential involvement in unmaskings of Trump associates.

Fitton questioned whether the Fusion GPS dossier was used as evidence to obtain a FISA warrant against team Trump. 

"Who was behind it? What did she know about that?" he asked. 

Lynch met with members of the House Intelligence Committee today as part of the probe looking into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge attempted to ask Lynch some questions as she walked in, but she ignored several queries about her 2016 meeting on an airport tarmac with Bill Clinton shortly before the email probe ended. 

Fitton said there is much more information his group is seeking about the meeting and Lynch's overall handling of the probe into Hillary Clinton's private emails. 

He said he wants to know why "talking points" were created after the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting. 

"What did they need to spin if it was a straightforward meeting?" he asked.

Fitton said his group expects to receive more documents from Anthony Weiner's laptop that were government records. And he said the State Department has 40,000 Clinton emails that haven't even been reviewed.

Watch the interview above.

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