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Former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday he was a member of the political resistance against President Donald Trump.

"There's no question about that," Holder told CNN. "You know, I'm a progressive Democrat committed to the ideals of my party and proud of the work that I did as attorney general."

He said he's proud of what the Obama administration accomplished and he's going to work to put leadership in place in 2018 and 2020 that will preserve that agenda.

On "Fox & Friends," Katie Pavlich said conservatives should be concerned, as Holder is working on redistricting, gerrymandering and opposing voter ID laws.

"He's not just going out and pumping his fist at these rallies. He's actually working on things that are actually going to have an effect," Pavlich said.

She noted that Holder doesn't just want to preserve his legacy and former President Obama's legacy, but also oppose Trump.

"It's about making sure that the progress that he has made to undo some of the detrimental things that the Obama administration did to this country aren't going to happen," Pavlich said.

She said it's interesting that figures like Holder and Hillary Clinton - who have low approval ratings - are speaking out for the resistance movement.

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