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A Tuscon, Arizona, restaurant has closed indefinitely after receiving backlash over a Facebook post expressing support for President Donald Trump.

In the since-deleted post, the owners of Cup It Up American Grill listed the things that the business supports, including the president, standing for the national anthem, repealing ObamaCare and the U.S. Armed Forces.

Co-owners Chris Smith and Jay Warren explained on "Fox & Friends" that they were quickly met with "pure nastiness," which prompted the decision to delete the Facebook post.

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After hostile phone calls, angry people coming to the restaurant and threats of violence, they decided to close the business.

Smith, a Navy veteran, said that the NFL anthem protests really struck a chord with him, and he felt it was important to publicly state his values.

"There's just no justification to disrespect our national anthem and the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces," Smith said.

He said he believes in the First Amendment, and if a person or business shared opinions that he disagreed with, he would not verbally attack or threaten them.

Warren said the restaurant remains closed, but they hope to reopen sometime soon.

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