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Tucker Carlson debated a former Clinton adviser over whether the former first lady's involvement in the Uranium One deal was as important as Russian collusion claims against President Trump.

Carlson said Clinton was the American point person on the cession of 20 percent of the company's reserves to the Russian government.

Uranium One is based in Toronto, but has mining operations in the western United States.

Additionally, Carlson said the feds investigated secret Russian efforts to bribe American officials, including one would-be whistleblower to whom Eric Holder handed down a still-active gag order.

Soderberg said the Uranium One deal was reviewed by nine separate agencies who saw it as an "acceptable way to keep our Uranium safe."

Soderberg said there is much "fake news" surrounding the investigation into Uranium One.

Carlson asked why, if Democrats like Soderberg are concerned over Russian collusion in 2016, they would not be concerned that the Russians control some of our Yellowcake.

Soderberg said the deal was from "a decade ago" and that today, Russia indeed poses a threat because of their "invasion of our democracy."

Carlson said that even though the deal is several years old, the Russians still control some of our Uranium through a deal made by Democrats.

"You don't think that's Prima Facie insane?" he asked.

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