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Nigel Farage said the debate over Muslim refugees will be the issue that breaks up the European Union as countries decide they want the freedom to determine who lives within their borders.

"The revolution is rolling," the former leader of the United Kingdom's Independence Party said Wednesday on Fox Business Network.

"Brexit was the first brick out of the wall," he explained. "What you're now seeing are new political movements and parties growing across the whole of the European Union, and what they're saying is, 'We don't want to be bossed around by unelected bureaucrats.'"

Austria's Sebastian Kurz, 31, leader of the center-right Austrian People’s Party on Sunday won the office of chancellor and is on track to become prime minister. His election signifies the shift to the right taking over Europe, Farage said, calling it "almost a Trumpian turn" in Czech politics.

"The migrant crisis is just a classic specimen of that," Farage said, saying countries do not want to pay for Germay's "mistake" of allowing refugees in.

"Countries want to decide themselves who comes to live, work and settle there."

"This goes right to the heart of what is the shape of a country ... what happens to the Christian culture in those countries, which in central and eastern Europe they hold very strong?" Farage asked.

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