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A Harvard Law professor said Hillary Clinton can still be made president if the Trump-Russia collusion story ends with a certain conclusion.

Lawrence Lessig said he neither strongly believes it will or should happen, but explained that he explored the possibility after receiving several questions from the public.

Lessig said that if there is conclusive evidence the Russians "stole" the election - by changing data, not minds through alleged advertisements - then there is a case for a Clinton presidency.

He said that in that case, President Trump and Vice President Pence should be forced from office, leaving the line of succession at Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

Lessig continued - reiterating his incredulity at the initial question - that Ryan should vacate the office to a Democratic successor, seeing as he received the office through an illegal act by his party's nominee.

At that point, Hillary Clinton, having lost to an illegitimate president, should be awarded the office.

Lessig maintained that it would be an "unthinkable case" and should only happen if there is a true "conspiracy" that fingers Trump as its culprit.

Tucker Carlson said the entire exercise is like "pornography" and "escapist literature for unhappy lefties."

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