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Newt Gingrich was incredulous at new reports of two scandals involving the Obama administration and the Clintons.

A report revealed that former FBI director James Comey drafted an exoneration of Hillary Clinton two months before he interviewed her during the investigation into her private email server.

And earlier this week, documents revealed Russia used bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering in their nuclear energy business deals with America. Russian nuclear officials also arranged for millions of dollars to be sent to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State.

"These are unbelievable charges if this is true," the former speaker of the House said on "Hannity."

Both scandals "indicate levels of corruption and dishonesty on a scale that I can't remember in American history," Gingrich stated.

"No wonder they didn't put her under oath. The whole thing was rigged," he remarked on Hillary Clinton's email probe hearing.

"I think the average American is going to demand that the House and Senate hold full-blown, clear, public hearings, put this stuff on the record."

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