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On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Ben Shapiro reacted to "deeply suspicious" new revelations that the FBI knew about Russian bribery attempts to grow their nuclear business inside the U.S. before President Obama approved a controversial 2010 uranium deal with Russia.

"You do have to wonder, why isn't [former Attorney General] Eric Holder being called before Congress right now?" the conservative commentator said.

The Hill reported yesterday that the Obama Department of Justice was aware of corruption by the Russian government in energy deals with the U.S. and did nothing to stop it.

Included in the evidence was the fact that the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from Russian nuclear officials during the time Hillary Clinton ran the State Department, which made at least one decision benefiting Moscow.

"The idea that the Obama administration was willing to greenlight this sort of activity knowing full well that the Russians were attempting to infiltrate the supply of nuclear materials is really, really disturbing stuff," Shapiro said.

"We already know that the Department of Justice under Loretta Lynch was making moves on behalf of Hillary Clinton," he stated, referencing the controversial tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and the former attorney general during the investigation of Clinton's private email server.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has opened a probe into the nuclear corruption case.

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