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Brit Hume has been around Washington, D.C. for a long time, but President Trump's Monday presser was not traditional, he said.

"It ends up leaving the journalists, and I've been in those groups, sounding like a pack of jackals and the president looking like the dignified fellow up there taking the questions," the Fox News senior political analyst remarked afterwards.

"That may have played to the president's advantage," he explained.

The president appeared before a rowdy group of reporters outside the White House after his lunch with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell yesterday.

He took questions for 45 minutes, commenting on everything from the opioid crisis to Gold Star families to Hillary Clinton.

"I'm not sure how much conscious thought went into it, but letting it become the free-for-all that it was instead of having a system where you raise your hand and the president calls on those on whom he wishes to call, this was wide open," Hume said.

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