Tucker Rips Lisa Bloom for Weinstein Defense: The 'Al Sharpton of the Feminist Movement'

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Radio host Tammy Bruce reacted to celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom reportedly trying to use money to manipulate the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Bruce said actress Rose McGowan, one of the top names accusing Weinstein of sexual assault, was contacted by Bloom through intermediaries and offered money to stifle her story.

McGowan effectively told Bloom "I can't be bought," Bruce said, adding that the actress was first offered $1 million and later $6 million to change her tune.

Bruce said the incident occurred just before the New York Times ran with their Weinstein profile.

Another incident that Bloom was reportedly a party to was that of disgraced Amazon studios executive Roy Price.

Price resigned over harassment allegations, and Bruce said Bloom was part of his defense team.

She called the situations "an interesting attempt in both cases to either silence women through money or to threaten them with it."

"If that isn't the definition of corruption, I don't know what is," Carlson said.

Bloom, daughter of high-powered attorney Gloria Allred, later left the Weinstein situation altogether.

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