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Stuart Varney said on Fox Business Network today that the mainstream media continues to treat President Donald Trump unfairly and contemptuously, adding that it is a major reason they are losing credibility.

He said he's been struck by the media's lack of objectivity and the "sheer venom" they unleash against the president.

"Watching the performance of the mainstream media is, to say the least, annoying," Varney said. "It's not just the way they cover what they think is the news. It's what they don't cover."

He pointed out that the economy has been doing well, with huge gains in consumer confidence, an expansion in manufacturing and a booming stock market.

"That's all largely ignored," Varney said. "Why? Because the president is doing well in this area. And the media doesn't want you to know."

Varney noted that Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the second ranking Democrat in the Senate, recently warned his fellow Democrats that they could lose to Trump in 2020 if they "overdo it" and become too liberal.

"The same could be said of the media," Varney said. "You will keep losing credibility if you 'overdo it' with your contempt."

"Too late. The media has overdone it already."

Watch Varney's monologue above.

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