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Sebastian Gorka said the Republican Party establishment needs to get on board with President Trump's agenda or get out of the way.

"What has the establishment GOP done for this president in the last nine months? That's a very short list," Gorka said on "Fox & Friends" this morning. "You can't get elected on an agenda, come to D.C. and then renege on it."

He said that's why Steve Bannon has launched a self-described “war” on the Republican establishment.

"It's time to rattle those cages a little bit," Gorka said.

He pointed out that Trump was elected to "make America great again," not "make the GOP great again."

Gorka added that Trump isn't a typical politician and he's willing to work with anyone who can help his agenda. He said Trump proved that by crossing the aisle and striking a deal with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to raise the debt ceiling.

"He's here to get stuff done," Gorka said. "Get on board or get out of the way."

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