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Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts questioned President Trump this afternoon on the status of his efforts to replace ObamaCare. 

Given the failures to repeal or replace ObamaCare, Roberts pressed for an answer on the current plan moving forward. 

"At this point, what is your health care plan?" Roberts asked, noting critics who said Trump's executive orders on health care are helping to destroy ObamaCare. 

Trump said insurance companies have "made a fortune" under ObamaCare and that he moved to put an end to the "record run."

The president said he predicted the "death" of ObamaCare, which is now coming to pass. 

Trump said the "ultimate answer" will be block grants going to the states and that he believes there are enough votes in the Senate to pass a bill, similar to the Graham-Cassidy proposal which failed last month. 

"The states can much better manage this money and much better take care of the people, rather than the federal government. We'll do massive block grants into the various states so that the states can run the program," he said. 

Trump then blasted Democrats for obstructing his agenda and his administrative and judicial appointments. He then came back to ObamaCare, saying "the people are not gonna take it," referring to rising premiums in states like Alaska and Arizona. 

Watch the answer above.

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