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A U.S. Navy veteran who fought in Vietnam was told by his Connecticut condo association that he cannot fly his Navy flag.

Joe Allen and his wife have lived at the Laurels Condominiums in Enfield since 2003. He told WFSB-TV that he put the blue Navy flag up near his American flag last year.

"All of a sudden, they do a walk-around and they decided to say you can’t put your Navy flag up anymore. They took the happiness out of living here," said Allen, who added he has suffered from PTSD since serving in a unit that cleared landmines between 1965 and 1971.

Allen said there will be a hearing with the condo board next month to discuss the decision. 

The condo board wanted to fine him a "ludicrous" $25 a day for keeping the flag up, he said. 

The policy reportedly prohibits flags other than the American flag and decorative holiday ones. 

"Fox & Friends" has reported for years on similar incidents across the country. 

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