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President Donald Trump on Monday said he "fully understands" recent comments made by Steve Bannon, who has launched a “war” on the Republican establishment.

Bannon, who served as Trump's chief strategist until mid-August, warned Republican lawmakers that conservative voters are coming after any incumbents who won’t fully support Trump and his “America First” agenda.

"Steve is very committed,” Trump told reporters during a Cabinet meeting. “He’s a friend of mine, and he’s very committed to getting things passed.”

Trump said he has great relationships with most Republican senators, but "they are not getting the job done."

He pointed to the failure of the ObamaCare repeal and replace bill, despite Republicans holding a majority in the Senate.

"I can understand where Steve Bannon's coming from," Trump said. "Because I'm not happy about it, and a lot of people aren't happy about it."

He said some Republicans in the Senate "should be ashamed of themselves."

"Most of them are really, really great people that want to work hard, and they want to do a great thing for the American public," Trump said. "But you've got a few people that really disappointed us. They really, really disappointed us. So I can understand fully how Steve Bannon feels."

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