Donny Deutsch: Scaramucci 'Basically a Tire Salesman' with 'No Qualifications'

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New York advertising executive and MSNBC pundit Donny Deutsch called President Trump "soullessly transactional" for making comments about President Obama's treatment of slain soldiers.

Trump criticized how Presidents Obama and Bush handled the return of fallen soldiers to America, saying that Obama rarely telephoned their families.

He later clarified his original broad remarks, saying past presidents didn't reach out as often as he does.

"He has no soul," Deutsch said of his fellow Queens, N.Y. native, "Did we elect the worst person on this planet?"

Deutsch said Trump made a "reprehensible, disgusting, and soulless [claim]... lying that these past presidents haven't done it."

"There's something so deeply wrong, evil and soulless about this president," Deutsch said.

In 2015, Deutsch called Trump "a friend" and recalled his participation in the first three seasons of "The Apprentice."

Their relationship appeared to sour shortly after Trump's election.

Earlier this year, Deutsch called Trump a "vulgar pig" who is "physically disgusting to look at."

He also once compared former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci to a tire salesman.

Responding to Deutsch's most recent comments, anchor Nicolle Wallace - a former Bush aide - said seven-year-olds have more "humanity" than Trump.

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