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'He's a Deranged Animal': Ex-Obama Aide Rips Trump For 'F***ing Lie' About Her Boss

Cleveland-area preacher Rev. Darrell Scott reacted to Hillary Clinton coming out five days after the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke to criticize her longtime political ally.

Clinton accused President Trump of committing sexual assault and grouped him in with Weinstein.

"Hillary Clinton enabled her husband, who had severe problems with women," Scott, a member of President Trump's transition team, said.

"She's always trying to embrace victimization," he said.

Scott said Clinton waited to speak publicly about Weinstein because she knew what he had been doing.

He said she has always posed as a champion of "women's empowerment" except when it came to people like Monica Lewinsky, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Corbin Jones, who all accused President Clinton of indecent acts.

"Once [Weinstein] was fired, [Clinton] felt the coast was clear," he said.

"She's a fraud. She's always been a fraud," Scott said.

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