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Sebastian Gorka charged the left with "institutionalizing violence," and predicted GOP congressional victories in 2018.

"There is violence in political discourse in America, especially in the last year. But you know who owns that violence? ... It's the left," the former deputy assistant to the president stated on "Fox & Friends Weekend" Sunday.

Gorka referenced violence committed by Black Lives Matter members as well as the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Rep. Steve Scalise in June.

Democrats are still clueless about what is wrong with their party, the former Trump administration official added.

"2018 is going to be a pleasure to watch," he predicted.

Gorka and fellow former White House official Steve Bannon have fought against Democrats since leaving the administration, including campaigning for conservative Judge Roy Moore in the runoff Alabama Senate race.

"The left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens," Gorka said Saturday at the Values Voters Summit on Saturday.

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