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Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan called out President Donald Trump for his ongoing criticism of NFL players who refuse to stand for the anthem.

At a rally last month, Trump said NFL owners should fire any "son of a b****" who doesn't respect the anthem and American flag.

In the days since, Trump has continued with his criticism of not just the players, but the owners and league officials who tolerate the anthem protests.

Khan spoke out on Thursday, calling Trump the "great divider."

"You have to give Trump credit, people are confused on the First Amendment versus patriotism, that if you exercise your First Amendment you're not a patriot, which is crazy," Khan said at an executive conference presented by Crain's Who's Who in Chicago Business. "People are confused on it, [Trump] knew he could hit on it and take advantage. I think what we're seeing is the great divider overcoming the great uniter."

“Politics and the Western world will never be the same again,” Khan said. “A lot of the stuff like football [that] Trump does is highly calculated — he looks for issues that you can touch and it will blow people up.”

Khan, who donated $1 million to Trump's inauguration committee, locked arms with Jaguars players in a show of unity while the anthem played before their September 24 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

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