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Law Professor Jonathan Turley said President Trump followed the Constitution when he decided to end ObamaCare's cost-sharing payments or subsidies.

Turley said President Obama "circumvented Congress" when he ordered the Treasury to release billions to subsidize his signature law.

The George Washington University instructor added that Obama's previous move actually violated ObamaCare itself.

"The administration had come to Congress and asked for this money and Congress said no," he said. Obama then decided to order the Treasury to release the funds.

He said a previous lawsuit ended in a ruling that deemed the payments unconstitutional, yet they continued until today.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra ripped Trump in an interview, saying he has to follow the law.

Turley said the president has indeed done so.

"What President Trump just did is to day 'we aren't going to continue to pay subsidies'," Turley said.

He said Democrats would be up in arms if Trump acted on Mexican wall funding in the same way Obama had with these cost-sharing payments.

"That would be analogous," he said. "The Democrats are now applauding a president who circumvented Congress. What if President Trump took that lesson to heart."

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