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A student at the University of California, Berkeley says it's become socially acceptable for conservatives to be "beaten, chased and stalked" on campus.

Naweed Tahmas, a member of the Berkeley College Republicans and a Campus Reform correspondent, said he was recently stalked by Antifa activists while he was grabbing dinner with friends. He said he's also been punched, kicked and spit on.

He said conservatives are tired of being intimidated and silenced, and they're pushing back.

"With every attack, it shows the left is clearly desperate. Conservative students are fighting back against them. We are breaking the shackles of leftist control over our university that for too long have robbed students of hearing a different perspective on campus," Tahmas said. 

He said the university administration and faculty are committed to keeping the "status quo," and they don't really care about conservative students.

"Imagine if conservatives started intimidating leftists on campus. We'd see massive outrage from the university administration [and] of course students," Tahams said. "But because we're 'evil Republicans,' it's therefore justified to constantly harass us."

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