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Tucker Carlson said NBC News president Noah Oppenheim should resign or be fired for punting on Ronan Farrow's explosive story on Harvey Weinstein.

Oppenheim claimed there was good reason not to run the story, insisting he provided resources to Farrow who then shopped the story to the New Yorker.

"Let's be clear. NBC is lying," said Carlson, listing several untrue claims by Oppenheim.

Oppenheim said Farrow was given resources, but it turned out he wasn't even given a camera crew.

Despite claims Farrow hadn't completed the bulk of his story when he brought it to NBC executives, Carlson said the story was all but complete when he went to the New Yorker.

Carlson credited MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow with going ahead and interviewing Farrow despite reported warnings against the segment.

"This is a scandal and the truth has a way of emerging," he said.

He said Oppenheim is also a Hollywood screenwriter with deep ties to the Democratic Party and Hollywood establishments.

Carlson said Oppenheim should disclose any ties to The Weinstein Company or Harvey Weinstein.

"News executives are not allowed to tell lies," he said.

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